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Actually a damn good cook.
    But why would you give people who you don't like your best cooking, exactly? He doesn't care if he's built up this reputation that he has ' horrible ' cooking, because he knows it isn't true. And anyway, he's come up with some damn good food of his own - He just doesn't want everyone swooping in and claiming it's theirs before he can get it out a bit and make sure people know it's English food. Fish and chips and scones aren't the only thing in England, you know. Even Arthur has gotten sick of people instantly assuming that's the only thing he makes.

He doesn't get naked and shit when drunk.
    It's not something he would ever do, either. He's more of one of those drunks that's loud, clingy, and emotional. That's really the only time he'll speak his mind about other people, too, so if you get him drunk or see him drunk - Get a pen and paper fast. Drama worthy shit is about to go down. Though, he does keep repeating things a lot sometimes, like how much he ' haaaates fr'anchis '. He drags out words and pronounces things incorrectly on purpose, by the way - He doesn't really slur that much, it's just that his accent hypes up.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me you little bitch.
    He instantly gets defensive if he's made fun of. Everyone thinks he has anger issues because of it. It's only an instinct - Something he got from too many failed friendships and being left alone for too long. He doesn't like it, but he can't really change that about himself - It's something he is trying to change, despite what everyone else thinks he's doing about it.

He was in a band - Yes, it was full of punk and rock.
    I mean, punk did basically originate in England. Coloured hair, tattoos, ripped skinny jeans, and bandanas around the neck. All of that. He's actually written some of his own songs, but never performed them. He still has a small guitar pick tattoo on the back of his neck, actually. Though only one or two people know of it - One being Alfred, the other Francis. And Matthew also knows, but of course, Arthur doesn't know.

You know those seemingly ' Australian ' words?
    Yeah, he uses them. I mean, he came up with them, why wouldn't he? Everything has to have a start, and words such as ' Crikey ' and ' Mate ' are used a lot in Britain too. They didn't originate in Australia. He also uses plenty of other more ' English ' exclamations, but he uses mate more than anything. Basically, when he's talking to friends or other males. The more you know.



slytherin motherfuckers
United Kingdom
lush - ( noun ) a heavy drinker, habitual drinker

Th' name's Arthur.
Arthur Kirkland.

country / person
Arthur James Kirkland | Name
23 - over 1000 years old | Age
England | Representation
53,013,000 | Population
130,400 kmē | Area
n/a - presumably St. George's day [ April 23 ] | National Day

Observation | With emerald green eyes, dirty blonde hair, fair skin, and a height of 5' 9", Arthur would be a pretty normal looking guy - Had it not been for his bushy eyebrows. He claims he does pluck them ( sometimes ), but he probably doesn't.
Height | Five foot nine. ( 175 cm )
Weight | Around 151 lb. ( 68 kgs )
Hair / Facial features | He's quite strange looking, if you know what to stare at. His messy, dirty blonde hair is fine, along with his emerald eyes and pale skin. The only really strange thing with the entirety of the man is his bushy eyebrows, that rarely ever get smaller. He's tried tons of things, but has settled on attempting to pluck them everyday. Besides that, he usually always has an indifferent expression. That, or a scowl - Mainly caused by three things, but I won't get into that. He does smile, despite what you may think, and he does it quite often.
Body | He's a tad on the small side, not really lanky but not really muscled up either. He does have slightly smaller shoulders than everyone else, resulting in a smaller chest around too. It's all mainly because he just doesn't work out, only lifting things when he needs to. Despite his size and appearance, he can lift a lot of things that are larger than him. He just doesn't like to particularly do so, complaining that someone else can do it. All together, he is a kind of attractive guy, though he stands at five foot nine.

Tea, baking, reading, gardening, cleaning, singing ( when alone ), playing his guitar, rain, snuggling | Likes
Being alone completely, wars, being made fun of ( for his eyebrows, especially ), rain | Dislikes
.. | Strengths
His drinking habits | Weaknesses
Being alone forever ( diagnosed with monophobia - the fear of being alone ) | Fears

navigation / credits

rping relations
actual nation relations

face claim | alex pettyfer
webcam* / side picture

* - looking / need source


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